When can I take my benefits?

You can take your benefits at any time after age 55 if you have left Royal Mail’s employment. Benefits taken before your Normal Retiring Age (see below) will be reduced for early payment.

Normal Retiring Age is age 60 for benefits you built up before 1 April 2010 and age 65 for benefits built up after this date.

You may be able to take your benefits early, and without reduction, if you have to stop work due to ill health or to provide full time care for a relative. You can find out more about the conditions you need to meet to receive an unreduced pension in Guide to Benefits.

We will write to you at least six months before your Normal Retiring Age, giving you a quote of the benefits payable in full.

If you have some benefits with a Normal Retiring Age of 60 and some with age 65, you will be notified on both occasions.