How do I make a transfer?

You can transfer benefits built up in the scheme before 1 April 2012 to a defined benefit pension arrangement. This is a type of scheme where the amount of pension you get is based on your salary and length of time as a scheme member. You will need to check that the scheme you wish to transfer your benefits to will accept the transfer. If they will, you can contact us to arrange a transfer. Please note that you will need to contact us at least 18 months before your Normal Retirement Age (NRA) to request a transfer.

Remember the scheme you transfer to will not offer exactly the same benefits as you would get from the Royal Mail scheme. You should consider taking financial advice before transferring to make sure that a transfer would be in your best interests.

If you want to transfer your benefits built up after 1 April 2012 you should visit the Royal Mail Pension Plan website for more information.

You cannot transfer any benefits to another Royal Mail pension scheme.