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How the scheme is managed

The RMSPS is responsible for any benefits you earned before 1 April 2012.

Under the Postal Services Act 2011, the Cabinet Office in government is accountable for the RMSPS.

The Cabinet Office is responsible for managing the scheme. The scheme manager, which is Cabinet Office, checks that the scheme is working well, makes discretionary decisions, and deals with the most serious complaints.

A Governance Group oversees the management of the RMSPS. Its Chair, Alan Pickering CBE, was appointed in 2012 by the Secretary of State. Its members are nominated stakeholders from groups including Royal Mail, Post Office Ltd, CWU and the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners. Their names and organisations can be seen below.

Name Organisation 
 Stephen Humphrey  HM Treasury 
 Douglas Hamilton  Royal Mail Group
 James Grime  UNITE The Union
 Natasha Wilson  Post Office Limited
 John Hearn  National Federation of Occupational Pensioners
 Joe Malone  Communication Workers Union
 Katrina Quirke  Communication Workers Union
 Christopher Blairs  Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
 Paul Williams  Independent
 Dominic Arthur  Cabinet Office
 Helen Gibson  Cabinet Office

The Chair’s reports and Annual reports provide more information on the actions of the Governance Group.

Chair’s and Annual Reports

2016: RMSPS Annual Report and Accounts
2015: RMSPS Annual Accounts
2015: RMSPS Annual Report
2014: RMSPS Annual Report and Accounts