Update on your pension increase letters

30 April 2020

Pension increase letters will shortly be released to all pensioner members. The letters, along with your P60 for 2019/20 will be sent to you at the same time as your regular payslip.

Weekly paid members
If you are paid weekly, your pension increase letter was dispatched to arrive by 9 April.

Monthly paid members
If you are paid monthly, there has been a slight delay in sending your pensions increase letter and P60 and this will not arrive by 30 April as planned. We expect that you should receive your letter by Friday 8 May. Please be reassured that the increase has been applied to your pension and paid on time, please accept our apologies for this delay

Quarterly paid members
If you are paid quarterly, the letter will be issued by the end of May as previously advised.

Postal services and COVID-19
Please be aware that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there may be some delays to postal services which may impact when you receive your information. We would suggest that all members register for their online pension account, where they can access payslips and P60s in a digital format. To find out how you can register and the benefits of the online portal, please read our sign up page.