Useful links

These website can provide further information on pensions, tax and government benefits. If you have earned pension benefits with Royal Mail after 1 April 2012, please visit the Royal Mail Pension Plan website:

And for more general information on planning your retirement income:

State Pension information

For more information about the State Pension and when you can claim it:

Check your State Pension age:

Workplace pensions

If you’ve lost the details of a previous employer’s pension scheme, you may able to track it down through the Pension Tracing Service:

For information about joining a workplace pension, concerns about your workplace pension or avoiding pension scams:

The Pensions Ombudsman investigates and resolves complaints involving workplace pension schemes:

Help understanding pensions

The Pensions Advisory Service offers free help and advice:

If you have money purchase benefits (so AVCs in the Royal Mail scheme or other benefits in a different scheme), Pension Wise provides information about your retirement options:

The Money Advice Service is a free and impartial money advice website set up by the government:

and they have a page all about finding a financial adviser:

Help budgeting and understand how much you might need in retirement

To help you think about what you might need to live off in retirement you can access our handy budget calculator. The calculator prompts you to think about the types of expenses that you might have based on life’s basics (for example food and heating), life’s comforts (like running a car) and life’s luxuries (for example an annual holiday).

Use the budget calculator now.