Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) calculation for divorce purposes

18 February 2019

The factors used in the calculations of CETV for divorce purposes have recently changed. This means that any value quoted previously is now out of date.

CETV quotes are only guaranteed for 3 months before a recalculation is required and normally only one CETV quote a year will be provided on request without charge. However due to the change in factors a new quote may need to be requested, you may request a new quote (without charge) if:

  • you have had a CETV quote, that you needed for divorce purposes and this was issued between 1 August 2018 and 31 October 2018 and
  • you have not had a Court hearing in respect of divorce proceedings

If you would like to request a further CETV quote for a future Court hearing for divorce purposes please request this from the address below, you will need to include you Court hearing date with your request;

For quotes issued before 30 September 2018 contact 


Write to:
Pensions Service Centre
PO Box 5863
Pond Street
S98 6AB

For quotes issued after 1 October 2018 contact 


Write to:
Royal Mail Statutory Pension Scheme
PO Box 551